Photo Credit: Walter P. Reuther Library

Medical Pioneers: Mercy Hospital in Detroit

Neighbors Building Brightmoor

What’s Happening in Detroit Now

D-Town Farms

D-Town Farm: A Modern-Day Manifestation of an Ongoing Historical Battle for Equality


The Detroit Race Riot of 1943

The Intersection of 12th Street and Clairmount, Saturday, July 23, 1967

The 1967 Detroit Rebellion

Mounted police engage Northeast Detroit residents rioting to protest the segregation of the Sojourner Truth Housing Project

Housing Crisis in the Arsenal of Democracy

Detroit's "Modern" Near Eastsiders

How Environmental Racism Both Divides & Multiplies Communities

Image from University of MIchigan Bentley Historical Library

Defining a slum: Black Bottom as seen from City Hall

SiD students talking with author and journalist Betty DeRamus during the Detroit Speakers Series which is open to the public!

The True Meaning Of Being “Rich” And Where To Find It

Hastings Street, Before and After I-75

Urban Renewal and the Destruction of Black Bottom


Black Bottom and Detroit’s 1943 Riot

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Further Reading on Black Bottom/Paradise Valley


Segregation and the Origins of Black Bottom

Diana Ross & The Supremes at Brewster-Douglass

Detroit’s First Public Housing Program

Hastings Street (Before and After)-Small Article

Ironic History: Detroit Potentially Follows National Reversal Trend to Rip Out Freeway