Nortown in the 1967 Riots

Neighbors Building Brightmoor

A Brighter Brightmoor


Le Nain Rouge: The Red Devil in Detroit City

A Native American Burial Mound from the Maumee River area

Did Giants Live in Detroit before Europeans Settlers?

Detroit settlement and fort in 1764, from  and 1764 Detroit from atlas by Jacques Nicolas Bellin, Yale University Map Collection

How Not to be an Amateur Archaeologist: Early 20th Century Detroit Edition

Native American tribe dwelling from Michigan

Escape from an Indian Master: Matthew Bunn in Detroit

Conant Gardens, a relatively affluent area of Detroit inhabited by the black middle/upper class.

Conant Gardens: An Early Home for Detroit’s Black Middle Class

photo 4

An Original Poem By Michael Christopher

Delray Interview Michael Christopher Featured Image

Delray Interview: Michael Christopher

Scott Photo

Delray Interview: Scott Brines

detroit petcoke

Pet Coke Piles, Pollution “Sinks”, and Detroit

Solvay Hospital

Health Concerns in Early Delray

This is a streetview of the Nortown CDC offices  located on Van Dyke Ave in Northeast Detroit.

The Nortown Community Today


Delray Timeline

1960s Delray with I-75

Fisher Freeway (I-75 ) Through Delray


Land Use and Zoning in Delray

Harpers Weekly

Detroit International Fair and Exposition

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.46.13 AM

Community Gardens: A Lens to Study History 

Coleman Young

“Farm A Lot,” 1974-2002: Coleman Young’s Influence on Urban Farming

"Edison Urges All Men to Farm," Detroit, MI Free Press, September 12, 1911, 7.

Back to the Land Movement: A 20th Century Battle Between Rural & Urban Living

Photo Credit: Walter P. Reuther Library

Medical Pioneers: Mercy Hospital in Detroit

Neighbors Building Brightmoor

What’s Happening in Detroit Now

Ford in his research lab

Beans for Bombers: Ford, War, and the Agriculture Sector

Great Depression Gardens

Thrift Gardens & the Great Depression

Detroit's Western Market, 1930s

Detroit’s Eastern and Western Markets

Women and Victory Gardens

Women and War Gardens

Victory Garden Ad

Wartime Gardens

Ferry St Seed Co.

“If you plant a seed in the city…”: A History of the Detroit Seed Company

Family Flowers

Friends, Family & Flowers: A Personal Account of A Detroit Florist

D-Town Farms

D-Town Farm: A Modern-Day Manifestation of an Ongoing Historical Battle for Equality

Detroit Summer

Detroit Summer: Shifting Values, Raising Beds

Ribbon farms alongthe Detroit river in 1796. Map by George Henry Victor Collot, wikicommons.

Tracing the Ribbons


The Real Estate Wheeling and Dealing of P.W. Norris and his Son

Train Engine and Crew

Insidious Inception of Railroads in Hamtramck?

depot 3

All Aboard the Railway Bandwagon


The Future Looked Bright


Detroit City Airport


Belle Isle Aquarium

"Hog Island" in the Detroit River, with ribbon farms on the northern bank, in 1796. Detail from map by George Henry Victor Collot, wikicommons.

Belle Isle Name Legend

001 (1)

Personal Memories of Belle Isle: An Oral History


Hunger Worth Marching For

Horticultural Building at Belle Isle

Belle Isle Conservatory


Belle Isle Casino


The Detroit Race Riot of 1943


James Scott Memorial Fountain


Bridge to Belle Isle

Front view of Barthwell Pharmacy located at 8640 Russell St. in Detroit.

Barthwell Drugs: Black Entrepreneurship on Hastings Street

Synchronized swimming on Belle Isle, 1955

Detroit River Water Quality

The Intersection of 12th Street and Clairmount, Saturday, July 23, 1967

The 1967 Detroit Rebellion

BIC copy

Current Challenges Facing Belle Isle