Detroit Yacht Club


Landscape Architect Tackles Belle Isle

Mounted police engage Northeast Detroit residents rioting to protest the segregation of the Sojourner Truth Housing Project

Housing Crisis in the Arsenal of Democracy

Detroit's "Modern" Near Eastsiders

How Environmental Racism Both Divides & Multiplies Communities

From Wayne State University

Joint Resolution Providing for Declaration of National Slum Clearance Day

Image from University of MIchigan Bentley Historical Library

Defining a slum: Black Bottom as seen from City Hall

The Packard Automotive Plant, once one of the largest in the world and supplied by many businesses along the Mt. Elliott Corridor, now sits abandoned, evidence of the deindustrialization that hastened Detroit's decline.

Downzoning on the Mt. Elliott Industrial Corridor

SiD students talking with author and journalist Betty DeRamus during the Detroit Speakers Series which is open to the public!

The True Meaning Of Being “Rich” And Where To Find It

Plans to turn Conner Creek into a sewer

The Underground River

Image from http://ams891.wikispaces.com

Another View of Urban Renewal: Lansing, Michigan’s Capital

Hastings Street, Before and After I-75

Urban Renewal and the Destruction of Black Bottom

Delray Interviews: Mario Default

Delray Interview: Mario Hernandez


Black Bottom and Detroit’s 1943 Riot

Image from Detroit1701.org

Further Reading on Black Bottom/Paradise Valley


Segregation and the Origins of Black Bottom


Recreation on Belle Isle


Belle Isle Bandshell


Zug Island

delray docks

Industrial Growth and Decline in Delray

Thrift Gardens

Idle Hands Are a Gardener’s Playthings: Community Involvement in the Wake of the Great Depression

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 7.58.10 PM

Building Belle Isle: One Man’s Dirt is Another Man’s Treasure

Diana Ross & The Supremes at Brewster-Douglass

Detroit’s First Public Housing Program

Hastings Street (Before and After)-Small Article

Ironic History: Detroit Potentially Follows National Reversal Trend to Rip Out Freeway


Further Reading on Belle Isle

Image from http://journey.eyemaze.net/2011_08_01_archive.html

Further Reading on Delray

Eastern Market

Further Reading on Urban Agriculture

The three areas on the map show some of the areas suggested as possible locations for larger scale food production in the city.

Further Reading on Nortown

An Example of a Horse-Powered Treadmill

A Nostalgic Account of Detroit at the Turn of the Century

French Road Mini-Take from Above

The French Road Mini-Take

photo 4

Annexation of Delray

photo 4

The Ambassador Bridge


Early Perspective: Delray and the Rouge River

Pingree farmers cropped

The Potato Patch Scheme

Detroit Grand Prix, 1993. Photo by Tony Spina, Reuthers Library,  Wayne State Univerity.

The Raceway on Belle Isle

Detroit Farmer's Wife - 1884

A farmer’s wife appeals for household gardens

Photograph, 1890-1920, by George Washington Merrill. Bentley Historical Library, Ann Arbor, MI.

Belle Isle Fisheries: Sitting on the Dock of the River