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An Original Poem By Michael Christopher

Image: (Left to Right) Nancy Sun, Eric Riley, Lauren Hauge, Michael Christopher, Eleni Zaras, Samuel Hahn

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Michael Christopher, a lifelong Delray resident and active member of the Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition, has lived in Delray all his life. He recalls his childhood under the guidance of his father. From his first experience eating a sundae to delivering papers, Michael shares with us his memories from his youth.


We sincerely thank Michael Christopher for sharing his writing with us.

Out From the Light

By Michael Christopher

Growing up in Delray was a very hard life in it itself, and was far and beyond belief.
A place World War II has passed long years ago with unwanted soul where the street can curse you or can educate you.
Where the summer morning and night can dazzle your senses,
and the daytime can baffle your judgement and sense of direction.
Just a glimpse of the area can cause fear.
But out of all that thought blighted with evil and pain is just a corner away.
By soul still clear a path way.
As I started to grow exodus came my way a new revelation filled my soul,
unlocking the key to my soul, my faith then became whole.
Who could ever dream that God awakened in my a sense of wisdom to control.
Out from the light came salvation and god’s victory.
If you believe in God, out from the light you too can inherit its love for all soul to see.

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