1768: King George grants McDougall ownership of Hog Island [Modern Day Belle Island]; cost: 194 pounds sterling

1773: Census taken on Belle Isle: 200 farm animals; 5 people

1783: Treaty of Paris ends the Revolutionary War; Hog Island becomes American territory

1783: August 8, Michigan becomes a part of the United States of America

1794: William Macomb purchase Hog Island from McDougall’s heirs for 813 pounds sterling

1825: Completion of Erie Canal, Detroit River become major commerce thoroughfare for the Great Lakes

1842: Construction of Fort Wayne on the Detroit River, near future Delray

1845: Hog Island becomes Belle Isle

1851: Summer resort opens on Belle Isle

1858: Detroit Typhoid Fever outbreak

1876: The Detroit Seed Company is founded

1876: Samuel Zug purchases 325 acres of land below Fort Wayne from the Village of Delray

1879: The City of Detroit purchases Belle Isle for $180,000.

1881: Frederick Law Olmstead hired to develop a plan for Belle Isle.

1888: Zug Island is created by installation and enlargement of canal connecting River Rouge and Detroit River

1889: The Eastern Farmer’s Market is founded

1889: Detroit International Exposition and Fair in Delray

1893: Mayor Hazen Pingree establishes Pingree’s Potato Patches to cope with a nationwide economic depression

1894: Solvay Process Company purchases large swath of land in Delray, beginning Delray industrialization process

1895: Belle Isle Zoo is established. Deer park created and populated.

1896: Detroit incorporated as a city

1900: Detroit’s population – 285,704

1904: Aquarium and Conservatory open on Belle Isle. Current Casino is built

1906: Detroit annexes Delray

1911: Hungarian population in Delray reaches 5,000

1914: Detroiters grow Liberty Gardens to support troops during WWI

1917: United States enters World War I (WWI)

1923: MacArthur Bridge is completed on Belle Isle after previous bridge burns in 1916

1925: James Scott Memorial Fountain is completed.

1927: Construction begins on the Ambassador Bridge

1929: Ambassador Bridge opens between Canada and United States

1931: Detroiters grow Thrift Gardens during the Great Depression

1939: Detroiters grow Victory Gardens during WWII. Women play an important role

1940: The Detroit Department of Parks and Recreation is created, consolidating plans throughout the city parks, and on Belle Isle.

1941: United States enters World War II (WWII)

1942: Ford Motor Co. mandated by the government to slow automobile production. Ford transfers his energy towards experimental innovation involving agriculture and soybeans.

1943: Detroit race riot

1946: Conner Park Florist is founded

1946: Mayor Jeffries unveils the city’s new urban development model

1961: Construction begins on the Fisher Freeway (I-75) through the City of Detroit

1967: Fisher Freeway begins to open to the public in stages

1967: Detroit Riot/Rebellion

1970: Hispanic population in Detroit reaches 15%

1974: Coleman Young announces the start of the new “Farm A Lot” program

1980: Expansion of Water Treatment Plant in Delray

1992: Detroit Summer is founded by James and Grace Lee Boggs

2004: Detroit River International Crossing Project begins

2006: Neighbors Building Brightmoor established, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network is founded

2010: Delray named most polluted zip code in Michigan


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